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Dedicate to lead the development of high-performance green products and new energy.

Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd (former Jiangsu Jiuding Group) was established in 1994. The company specializes in production and sales of glass fiber yarn, fabrics and FRP products. It is the largest manufacturing enterprise for advanced fiberglass textiles in China, also the largest supplier of fiberglass discs for reinforcing the grinding wheel in the world, and the manufacturing base for FRP products. The company was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange In 2007 (Stock code: 002201) .

Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co,Ltd is now the manufacturing base of FRP products, one of the top 100 Chinese building material enterprises, the leading enterprise of Chinese industry(fiberglass and its products), national key hi-tech enterprise, National and provincial torch plan project implementation enterprise, national trustworthy enterprise, Jiangsu provincial quality management award enterprise, Nantong quality management award enterprise. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system and TS16949 quality management system certification.

At the moment, the company has formed the technology system consisting of four core technology (fiberglass wire drawing, fiberglass modification, weaving, surface treatment) and more than 300 proprietary technologies. The main products of our company include “Ding” brand grinding wheel reinforced materials, building materials, decoration materials and other textile glass fiber products & FRP products. Among them 7 products were rated as national key new products and 9 products were rated as high-tech products of Jiangsu Province. Our company has more than 100 products patents, host or participate in drafting 13 items of national standards. The “Ding” brand Geosynthetics have won the title of “China famous brand products”. The “Ding’ brand textile glass fiber products have won the title of “Jiangsu famous brand products”. The “Ding” brand is the famous brand in China. Now our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. We have a large number of stable customers.

Accompany with integration of global economic and Low-Carbon economy, Jiangsu Jiuding will take the advantage of area and human resource in Yangtze River Delta to create its core-competitiveness which will help to promote transformation and upgrade of the company and achieve the great-leap-forward development.



◆ In Sept. 2015, the company held a grand ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression and the world anti-fascist war.

◆ In July 2015, the company refinanced.

◆ In July 2015, the HM furnace started up successfully in Shandong Jiuding.


◆ In April 2014, the company was awarded the “mayor quality award of Nantong city in 2013” and a reward of RMB 500,000.

◆ In Mar. 2014, the high performance E-glass twenty-thousand-ton furnace started up successfully.


◆ In May 2013, the high performance HME furnace project began production in Shandong province.


◆ In April 2012, “Ding” brand was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the trademark office of the state administration for industry and commerce.


◆ In April 2011, the key R&D project Dual component high silica glass fiber weaving technology officially designated as a national international cooperation project.


◆ In 2010, the company won the Jiangsu Quality Award in manufacturing.

◆ In Oct. 2010, the company started the second electric melting furnace #201, which was developed by the company itself.


◆ In 2009, the company moved to Jiuding Industrial Park.

◆ In Jan. 2009, Jiangsu Personnel Office awarded postdoctoral research station to the company.


◆ In Dec. 2007, the company was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code 002201.

◆ In 2007, Gu qingbo obtained the title of “2006 Nantong Top Three Famous People”.

◆ In Dec. 2007, Gu qingbo was elected as Vice president of the sixth council of China Composite Materials Industry Association.


◆ In 2006, “Ding” brand fiberglass geogrid obtained the certificate of Chinese Famous Brand Products.

◆ In November. 2006, the company held the lighting ceremony of a ten thousand furnace in the New Material Industrial Park.


◆ During the period of 2003 to 2005, the company became the top hundred enterprise for the building material. Comprehensive economic strength ranked the top three in the national glass fiber industry.

◆ In Mar. 2005, the company was awarded as “FRP Products Manufacturing Base of China”.

◆ In 2005, Gu qingbo got the title of “national model worker”.

◆ In Jun. 2005, the own-designed high silica furnace started up.

◆ In Sept. 2005, the company and Renmin University of China jointly held an MBA program opening ceremony.

◆ In Oct. 2005, China aerospace group sent a letter to thank our company for its efforts and contributions to the Shenzhou VI manned spacecraft.


◆ In Mar. 2004, Gu qingbo got the title of “Jiangsu excellent private entrepreneur”.

◆ In 2004, Jiuding New Material got the title of “Jiangsu exempted enterprise”.

◆ In 2004, the company started the list work.


◆ In Sept. 2003, the first-stage project of Jiuding New Material Industrial Park broke ground.


◆ In Sept. 2001, fiberglass self-adhesive reinforced geogrid production line got the certificate of “National torch program project” issued by the ministry of science and technology.


◆ In 2000, with a total investment of 29.98 million RMB, the annual output of 10 million square meters georid production line has been added into the first key technical reform guiding plans in Jiangsu Province.

◆ In 2000, the company and Jiangsu University jointly run the training special class for economic management.


◆ In 1999, SETC confirmed the company to be designated manufacturer for glassfiber geogrid. The products were applied to Qinghai-Tibet railway, became the first fiberglass product to ascend the Tibetan plateau.


◆ In 1998, the company put forward the furnace project for direct melt fiberglass, which was listed as national demonstration project.


◆ In Sept. 1997, the company got the right of import and export.

◆ In 1997, Gu qingbo won the national Labor Medal.


◆ In 1996, grinding wheel reinforced material was rated as a national new product.


◆ In Sept. 1995, Nantong Huatai Co., Ltd was renamed Jiangsu Jiuding New Material Co., Ltd. At the same time, Rugao Glassfiber Factory added capital to the company with its remaining glass fiber assets. Then the registered capital increased to 29.87 million RMB.


◆ In 1994, Rugao Glassfiber Factory initiated the establishment of Nantong Huahai Co., Ltd with its glass fiber assets. Our company registered capital of 12 million RMB and the registered place was the great bridge of the east road.













Billion Jiuding Century Jiuding
- We will make great efforts to build a energetic, yearning, sustainable development century-old Jiuding New Energy - We are committed to leading the development of high-performance, green material products and new energy Our efforts will bring higher value to customers, partners and enterprises themselves. - Our achievements will win the respect of the public, and every day we strive will make us and our families proud.


Make success and repay society
- Repay the Society - It implies the value and responsibility of Jiuding people who live in this nature, which is the integration and use of natural and social resources to maximize the creation of value in order to give back to nature and society.


We keep moving forward with the success of Jiuding and the progress of society.
- Achieving self-worth in Jiuding success and social development - Social progress provides resource conditions and development space for enterprise's success and personal development; Enterprises and individuals can realize their own value only in promoting social progress - Enterprises accumulate wealth for society and promote social progress through their own development; Social progress benefits from the healthy development of all enterprises


Gather wisdom to create miracles
- Gather wisdom to create miracles - Gather wisdom —— Respect knowledge and science; unite all strength and wisdom; work towards a common goal - Create miracles ——Continuous learning and improvement; eternal innovation; pursue excellence goals; create the industry miracle

Operating Principle

Customer’s success is our success
- Enterprises should correctly understand customers and the importance of customer success to enterprise success - Enterprises should do everything possible to help customers succeed - Enterprises should establish long-term and stable strategic partnership with customers.


Integrity, Devotion,Cooperation,Efficiency
- Virtuous —— Jiuding People should identify, practice and demonstrate professional ethics, family virtues and social morality, deal good relations with colleagues, family and society and win others respect with excellent moral quality, noble personality charm and good self-image. - Dedicated —— Jiuding People should cherish the position and take it as a personal learning and growth and self-realization of the platform. With continuous learning, improvement and innovation, we should do everything good with lofty dedication, sense of responsibility. - Cooperative ——Jiuding People should cooperate with each other, grow together, pursue the maximization of the whole benefit, carry forward and protect the devotees, educate and help the backward, cherish the collective honor and realize the sharing of the results. - Efficient —— Jiuding People should unceasingly strengthen the execution ability guided by strategy and result, enhance the work efficiency unceasingly, insist the high efficient, clean and safe production, and provide the first-class product and the service for customers at the lowest cost.


Organization Chart

Jiuding New Material Co., ltd has built up the perfect organizational structure and board of shareholders.With the mutual coordination of the subordinate departments( board of directors,board of supervisors,permanent council and managers), Jiuding runs in order and operate well.

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Committed to leading the development of high-performance, green material products and new energy

AAA industrial enterprise for quality and credit of JIANGSU

Famous brand (DING,fiberglass textile articles) of JIANGSU

Famous trademark (DING) of JIANGSU

The honest enterprise of JIANGSU

Civilized unit of JIANGSU

AAA credit enterprise

Top 500 enterprises of China in building materials

Advanced unit for scientific achievement transformation of JIANGSU

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