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High temperature comfort send cool feeling on the front line warm hearts - city CPPCC vice chairman yan shibin, the city federation of trade unions vice President su xiaoyan comfort jiuding front line workers
Release time:2019-07-26        From:Nenspaper news

        Since our report entered fu, the scorching sun to struggle in the production of the first line of the broad masses of workers brought not a small challenge. On July 26, rugao YanShiBin, rugao, vice President of federation of trade unions, vice chairman of CPPCC Su Xiaoyan arrived in keeping cooling purposes delegations of led koreans and dominant group accompanied by trade union chairman Jiang Yongjian condolation group a line of sympathy, the first production line to the towel cooling purposes such as caffeine arts, as well as bring cool and refreshing to cordial sympathy and sincere thanks to them, the worker is encouraged.

Chairman yan sent cool air to the staff of the grinding wheel net reprocessing workshop.

        At each place, chairman yan shook hands with cadres and employees one by one, and he sent them one by one. He also carefully inquired about the current production status and the employees work, see the staff under the environment of high temperature still hold on the job, he told everyone to ensure safety in production at the same time, carry their own cooling purposes and labor protection, reasonable arrangement work and rest time, strengthen the ego to protect consciousness, do a good job related to summer peaks.
        The greetings and instructions from the consolation group and the company moved the front-line employees very much, they said they would tighten the safety string, earnestly do a good job in all preventive measures, frequent inspection, hidden trouble elimination, do a good job in the high temperature season safety construction, safety production work, high quality, high standards to complete the task.