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The Industrial Park held the 98th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the
Release time:2019-07-01        From:Nenspaper news

       On the afternoon of July 1st, the Industrial Park celebrates the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "July 1" commendation conference held in the broadcasting Hall of Wen Guang media. Liu Xiangyang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of longevity city tourism resort, attended the commendation conference. At the meeting, a number of outstanding Party workers, advanced grass-roots Party organizations and outstanding Communist Party members were commended.

       The Party Committee of Jiuding Group was awarded the title of "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization" and Comrade Yao Jing of Jiuding Party Group Office was awarded the title of "Excellent Party Worker".

       At the meeting, Secretary Liu Xiangyang led nearly 500 Party members on the spot and more than 7,000 Party members who participated through live webcasting. He revisited the affidavit of joining the Party in the face of the party flag composed of 98 Party members. Later, he delivered a speech touching the soul around the theme of "never forget the beginning, remember the mission". He stressed that we should not forget our hearts and keep our minds in mind. We must constantly renew our mental strength and draw continuous momentum from the party's glorious history. Two, we must not forget the pledge of joining the party and always strengthen our ideals and convictions; three, we must persist in the sense of purpose, always keep the hearts of the people; and four, we must act bravely. Attitudes are constantly pushing forward the cause of the Party and the people.

      The Party committee of Jiuding group will take the theme of "not forget our hearts and keep our mission in mind" as an opportunity   to further guard our hearts and responsibilities, find gaps and implement them, keep forging ahead, and work hard and work hard to promote the new era of high quality development in the new era. We will offer 70th anniversary tribute to the founding of new China with excellent results.