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1. The meaning of the Group's symbol, "Ding":
On behalf of the ancient Chinese culture, "ding" (tripod) was regarded, in ancient China, the symbol of the nation and power. Through several changes, its modern Chinese characters still reserve its shape, its object and character all saturated abundant cultural connotations. All that make the symbol has a strong national feature and unique individual style. The square pattern is stand for four seas and nine regions --- the poetic name for China. The moral of the symbol of Jiuding Group originates upon Chinese great land and will move towards the world.
2. The meaning of the Group's name:
In China, "Jiuding " has implied to keep one's promise and is most trustworthy.
3.The idea of the Group:
Sprit: Draw on the wisdom and create the miracle;
Mission: should repay society;
Values: Realize one's own value with the success of the Group and the progress of society;
Operational principle: sincerity, trust and win-win;
Management principle: digitalization and culture.
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