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E-glass Continuous Strand Mat --- E-GLASS CONTINUOUS STRAND MAT

1. Product Description: Uni-mat is made of E glass, which was randomly oriented with continuous strands. The E glass possesses high modulus and excellent tensile strength. The uni-mat was equipped with a sizing of coupling agent that is compatible with UP, Vinyl ester and epoxy resins.etc. Continuous strands guarantee the stable excellent mechanical property.

2. Features and Product Benefits:
1 Stable different LOI guarantee various application in pultrusion, RTM, SRIM, compression, Lamination, etc
2 Excellent agent guarantee various resin compatibility
3 Very good surface appearance
4 Very good adaptability in moulds of complex shapes
5 Excellent property of die-cut
6 Excellent mechanical property
7 Very good adaptability in moulds of complex shapes
8 Fast flow through

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